Spotlight: Goats!

Let’s start with a quiz: What animals live between the alligator, the meerkats, the giraffes, the rhinos, the Leopard Tortoises, and the zebras and ostriches at the Reid Park Zoo? Answer: Goats, naturally! 

Event Spotlight: DreamNight

Event Spotlight: DreamNight

Tucson is a popular tourist destination for lots of reasons – but travelers often return here because of the warm welcome they receive from Tucsonans .  This open welcome is extended every day the Reid Park Zoo, where the staff is welcoming to all, and especially mindful of guests of all ages who may have special needs.  Research has shown the many benefits of visiting a zoo and interacting with animals, and The Reid Park Zoo meets all ADA guidelines and goes above and beyond  to offer these benefits to one and all.  

Mini Spotlight: Southern Tamandua

Let’s celebrate a relatively unknown, adorable, and appealing animal that nobody wants for a pet!    Because the Southern Tamandua truly defies description, you’ll need to click on the blog to see some images.     How about that winsome face?   How about that handsome vest?  How about that little snout with the same circumference as a pencil?    Granted, the posture is a little odd, but really these creatures are built for life in the trees, which is why most people have never seen one.  

Animal Spotlight: Crocodile or Alligator?

Well, it may not be one of those questions that keeps you awake at night, but if you’ve ever been to a zoo with a large, scaly, toothy,  primitive-looking,  grinning aquatic creature that may not move a muscle, you may have wondered whether it was an alligator or a crocodile.  These two are frequently confused, but really are separate species, and have been for the last 70 million years or so.   And one deserves their shared fearsome reputation way more than the other!

All Conservationists Great and Small: How Everyone can Contribute to Wildlife Preservation

All Conservationists Great and Small

What do you think of when conservation comes to mind?  Is it merely a pleasant but abstract concept, or is it something that you do externally such as attending your Zoo and participating in the giraffe feed? Is it something you do daily at a more personal level, such as using less single-use plastic or recycling your bottles and towel rolls, taking shorter showers, or carpooling to work?  If your conservation actions in the larger community and in aspects of your personal life overlap, then you’re taking a step in a common,  meaningful, and impactful direction.

Spotlight: Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Ring-Tailed Lemurs are so cute they’re the stars of animated movies!   They’re popular pets (though this is illegal).   They are adaptable to many different climates, so they live in zoos everywhere, including at the Reid Park Zoo.  In fact, they seem to be everywhere except where they ought to be. 

Spotlight: African Black-Necked Otters

Readers of that beloved classic book, Ring of Bright Water, all agree that there is no animal cuter, more active, or more fun to watch than the otter!  So do many visitors to the Reid Park Zoo. Comfortable on land and in the water, otters are superb acrobats. Visit the Zoo and you will see them bat balls and other toys around their pool and dive for toys, food, and just for the joy of it.   Sometimes their play looks like water ballet! 


Spotlight: Black-Necked Swans

Tucked away in a quiet corner along the South American pathway of Reid Park Zoo are two of the most serene birds in Tucson: the lovely, black-necked swans, Delilah and Barbara. These two female companions share a tranquil grotto-type space just past the Andean Bear habitat near the entrance to the Pacu Fish and Diorama Cave where you can take a peek at some South American animal habitats in miniature, another delightful surprise in this area.

Reid - Park-Zoo-Expansion-Tucson-Arizona-Black-and-White-Ruffed-Lemur WordPress RPZE

Animal Spotlight: Black and White Ruffed Lemurs

Come to the Reid Park Zoo and you will get to see something very special – a pair of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, as well as their cousins the Ring Tailed Lemurs.  Our Zoo is especially important to these furry primates.   The Black and White Ruffed variety are nearly extinct in their home territory, so you are lucky to be able to see them right here, protected in a safe environment!   Their natural habitat is in a lot of trouble.


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